FITs and small scale energy production

  FITs as incentive for small scale, non-traditional energy providers
New Zealand will need to stop relying on the prospecting of non-renewable fossil fuel prospecting, and initiate a model that focuses on the reduction of the use of fossil fuels, and moves to one that endeavours to move to a renewable framework.  Part of this strategy must involve providing incentives in which individuals, business groups and organisations are able to generate guaranteed profits from doing so, in which the pay off period is shortened and short term gains guaranteed.  FITs are the most direct way to encourage non traditional, small scale energy providers into the market, by making it profitable and equitable to do so.  This means more short term profits.   Countries such as Germany have been quick to move on the fact that fossil fuels are very quickly become unaffordable, and that prices with increase exponentially as demand exceeds supply, as well  increasing compliance costs.  Products are increasingly including the cost of energy in the price;  therefore countries with cheaper and cleaner modes of production stand the best chance of profit on the commodity market.