Small Scale installation – New Zealand’s Potential

Proven Energy New Zealand estimates that up to 3,000 households could install an average 6kWh renewable energy system, creating over 2000 new jobs, which could generate an estimated $500 million annually for the New Zealand economy, while generating 1.5% of the total national electrical consumption.   Furthermore, at 78,123 farms in New Zealand and 500,000 rural residents, and assuming this number equates to approximately  100,000 rural homes, then if farms were  to install systems with the capacity of 30kW of energy generation,  and each rural home to install 15kW energy generating systems, then the net capacity would be, according to Proven Energy New Zealand: 

This amount would generate over 50% of the New Zealand’s peak demand estimated at 6,600 MW.

Source:  Proven Energy New Zealand.  “Submission to the New Zealand Government on Potential Energy Stratergy.