1. Implementation of a Feed In Tariff incentive scheme aimed at small scale, non traditional, potential energy providers such as households, businesses and group organisations.  
  2. The long term nature of the return on investment for renewable energy sources is the primary barrier to realizing wider market penetration for renewables; this report therefore recommends the implementation of tariffs and rapid uptake of FITs to combat this barrier, and provide a means by which investment in renewable energies is profitable and appealing to investors in the short term. 
  3. The government should disaggregate tariffs to reflect the renewable industries in which New Zealand will specialise, such as solar, wind, or tidal generated renewables.   This will mean investment will go to renewable technologies most suitable to the environment in which people live, while creating specialised export industries. This will eventually cut costs of renewable technologies and gain parity with prices of energy created from non–renewable forms.
  4. The government should implement FITs as a way of creating jobs in New Zealand in high value renewable energy technologies.