annatuinukuafe on October 6th, 2009

I am of Pasifika descent, please  pronounce my name correctly as I have done for you in a language that is not my native tongue . I will not be overwhelmed with a clash of world views, and though I respect your ways of teaching I will not forget my own.

Remember me because I refuse to be a statistic.



Pasifika high school senior students that are at the stage of moving into tertiary studies are signifcantly lagging academically behind other ethnic groups. Males in particular are in serious jeopardy with their NCEA results suffering the most on a nationwide scale.

There have been many conflicts and debates as to why Pasifika students are overly represented as school leavers as opposed to school achievers in areas of academia and not just sports.

 Pasifika students as a collective have the tendency to receive a hands-down instead of a hands-up form of help and in many ways societies structure continues to restrict  advancements.

It is important to be effective in both the making and applying policies in education for the transition of Pasifika high school students into tertiary institutions there are alternative pathways to do so. One of the things to keep in mind is to encourage through dialogue with the intended audience as well as those that make and enforce these policies.

If it is treated with a top-down approach only the future of Pasifika communities are succeptible to great risk.


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