Analytical framework

I wanted to look for areas where the RSE policy could be improved. I began by listing identified issues or perceived failures that had been identified in the literature. I then placed these within the six categories of government failure. By using a government failure framework I was able to consider all areas where failure may lie and ensure I had a comprehensive outline of issues within the scheme.

I identified that worker support was an area of potential improvement. I began searching for overseas examples of temporary migration policy that could be used for comparative institutional analysis. Circulatory Seasonal worker programmes were identified in Germany, Canada, Spain, NZ and Australia (Wickramasekara, 2011). Of these only Canada, and potentially Australia and Germany had been found to contain a proactive focus on, and initiatives for, worker support. Eventually the Canadian Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program (SAWP) was the only scheme that could offer definitive solutions. In the German scheme it was difficult to find relevant information in English, and the Australian scheme is still very much in its infancy and is very similar to the RSE scheme.