Recognised failings

The main areas identified for improvement within the scheme relate to worker support. Some parties suggest increased guidance or regulation surrounding dispute resolution, accommodation and other costs, and worker restrictions would be beneficial. It is of the upmost importance that workers are treated well and feel the scheme is worthwhile for continued participation by Pacific Island states. I was able to compare worker support within the Canadian and New Zealand seasonal migration schemes to seek policy recommendations.

There were other areas of potential government failure that I was unable to address. Potential long term unintended consequences of a growing dependence on or aspiration for New Zealand cash jobs will not be discussed. The negative cultural, economic and social impacts of this are an important human rights issue (Rohorua, Gibson, McKenzie and Martinez, 2009), but it is multi-faceted and outside the scope of this project. Policy mechanisms designed to minimise the risk of overstaying were also not discussed as they have been met with perceived success.