Government Failure Analysis

One of the main functioning apparatuses of government is to address problems. It is the pinnacle of social stability. Governments are often called to address problems from the “too-hard” basket of the market or other social institutions[1]. They have transformative powers to decentralize control and to lift performance from mediocre levels. If government supports the process of decriminalization of illicit drug use and possession of minor offences amongst addicts and recreational users through legislation, they will allow schools, treatment centres, policy orientated organizations and the public health system to find wiser, more effective preventative approaches. Examples of desired outcome include an informed population, healthier individuals, and an increase in public health care employment, accessibility of treatment services, the de-stigmatization of drug users as criminals and a decrease in the absolute drug consumption.

[1] Michael Mintrom, Analysis of Contemporary Government Failure, Contemporary Policy Analysis, OUP Australia and New Zealand, chapter: 11, (2011).