Welcome!!! Executive Site Summary

This website is designed to be a resource tool and an analysis of the current New Zealand government policy on ethnicity data collection.

This website report focuses on factors that facilitate inconsistencies in the collection of ethnicity data in New Zealand.

Consistency in ethnicity data collection is paramount to achieving a level of preciseness required in any policy decision and in the distribution of resources.

Ethnicity data is collected by numerous New Zealand governmental departments in social sectors including vital statistics, health and disabilities, education, social welfare and criminal justice. This data is used by analysts and researchers to advise policy makers in service planning and resource allocation in key social sectors.  The collection of such data is also central to monitoring social change and inequalities among and within ethnic groups.  The method and quality of this data collection significantly impacts all New Zealanders.

The intended aim of this website and analysis is to improve on current data collection policy using a combination of the dual analytical strategies of government failure and comparative institutional analysis. This approach will contrast current policies with potential substitute policies; identify any perverse incentives; compare relevant institutional designs features, observed practices and outcomes; and propose future improvements to policy design.

The principal findings of this analysis suggest that a gross failure exists in the collection of vital statistical data in New Zealand. This failure is thematically due to two key concepts.

  1. A lack of consistency in New Zealand’s official data collection methods.
  2. A lack of public education and understanding of the issues.