Institutional Comparison

Click here to download complete diagram Policy EU PIF Effect in the Pacific if adopted
Private Sector
Sustainable Energy Infrastructure Common Climate Strategy 2020 Goals , DG CLIMA , ENEF Only national but ambitious strategies (Eg. Cook Islands,Tonga)
  • ┬áJob Creation
Job creation Common Visa-policy Free movement of people Chapter V, Lisbon Treaty RSE
  • Diffusion of knowledge and skills
Agriculture Common protected and subsidised agriculture policy CAP Different incoherent bottom-up NGO’s and Producer Organisations
  • Self Sufficiency
Public Sector
Reducing remittance cost Common Currency or fixated currency Article 2B Government portal > $47-98,7 million USD pr. year
Education Regional recognition of professional and educational qualifications Directive 2005/36/EC 200 scholarships
  • Diffusion of knowledge
Common law practices and cooperation Common law on fisheries Article 47a Aid based FFA Unreported fishing means loss of 400 million $ pr. year in revenue