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This website is part of a policy project which is a component of my studies towards a Master of Public Policy at the University of Auckland. A requirement of this project is that we seek feedback from stakeholders. So I’m really keen to get some commentary – please read, comment and share the link with others.

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Improving New Zealand’s Rate of Childhood Immunisation

This project investigated childhood immunisation rates in New Zealand and the reasons why some parents choose not to immunise their children. It has identified and evaluated various policy solutions to address this problem, primarily through comparative institutional analysis, and has concluded that an approached focused around education, communication and inter-agency co-operation. This report is intended to provide policy advice to public health officials at both central government and DHB level.


The key recommendations of this report are:

  • That the Ministry of Health make detailed information on immunisation more widely available to the public through a variety of media and in a variety of languages.
  • That public health authorities develop more effective communication strategies with media organisations to ensure the accurate dissemination of information.
  • That the medical community take a better lead in promoting immunisation.
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