Maori and Smoking

Here is a link to a Maori-language news show commenting on the rise on tobacco products and how it sparked record numbers of calls to government sponsored ‘quit lines.’ While it is spoken in Maori it has subtitles. This shows that the Maori population are aware of the tobacco problem amongst Maori in particular (for my recommendations, look at the ‘Findings’ Page).

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The Importance of this Project

I undertook this project because tobacco causes significant harm upon those who use it, it affects their family and friends emotionally and it causes great stress upon the healthcare system in all nations. Refer to the ‘Smoking in NZ’ page for a statistical breakdown of how widespread the impact of tobacco in New Zealand is.

With this study I aimed to find useful smoking cessation legislation from New South Wales and Ontario and then analyse their effectiveness and decide whether they could possibly be ‘transferred’ to New Zealand. Tobacco use is a health hazard that could effectively be reduced in New Zealand. It is especially worrying that smoking rates among Maori are much higher than amongst non-Maori.

With this project I wanted to draw attention to the current problem of tobacco use within New Zealand and recommend viable new policies to help curb smoking rates.

[1]Tobacco Trends 2008: A Brief Update of Tobacco Use in New Zealand. Taken from pages 4 to 6.

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The Scope of this study

I undertook this project using a comparative and qualitative study. I examined the current state of anti smoking legislation, and attempts to retard tobacco use, within New South Wales and Ontario. I chose these two locations due to their similarity to New Zealand – They both actively try to curb smoking rates, they see tobacco use as a health hazard that needs to be eliminated and they have similar cultural and societal contexts to New Zealand. These factors make these two locations as highly possible locations of policy transfer to New Zealand.

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Important Pages (Admin related)

Directly underneath the picture of cigarette butts on this page are links to important pages regarding my project – please feel free to take a look.

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Tobacco Cessation Policy Project


On this webpage you will find a summary of the work I have done for Policy 701. My area of interest was tobacco policy in New Zealand. I comparatively studied the smoking cessation policies of New South Wales in Australia and Ontario in Canada – this was to find possible cases of policy transfer that could successfully be applied to the New Zealand situation.

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