Genetics is a growing area, and promises many advances in medical care. However, there is growing potential for  discrimination to occur on a genetic basis in a variety of industries, including insurance, employment, healthcare, and education. This has caused alarm around the world for many people, and a number of Governments have begun to formulate policy to regulate such discrimination. New Zealand is sadly lacking in this area however.




This report examines the issue of genetic discrimination policy, and makes some recommendations as to how the New Zealand Government should proceed.


What is genetic discrimination?


Genetic Discrimination in New Zealand


Policy from around the World


What should New Zealand do?


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Genetic discrimination is a controversial topic, and frequently in the media spotlight.  


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About the author: Rebecca Bollard is currently completing her Masters of Public Policy (MPP). Her degree includes a thesis on genetic property rights and the role of advocacy groups as policy entrepreneurs. She has a BSc in biology and a BA(Hons) in politics from the University of Auckland. Her research interests include science policy, policy making in controversial areas, and the role of the expert and entrepreneur in government . Click here to contact her.

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