The purpose of this project was to find ways to further reduce if not eliminate both child drive way fatalities and injuries. This report sought to examine previous studies and reports to investigate why a solution has not been found. A market failure analytical framework was used to explore this issue. This was chosen as research discovered that a comparative institutional analysis framework had been used multiple times. The market failure framework showed a gap between the current knowledge of such an issue and the necessary knowledge. First, there is a deficient amount of information, awareness and co-ordination of the necessary information. Secondly, the lack of a systematic recording system and the fact that low speed driveway deaths and injuries are not recorded under road accidents. Finally it is a difficult issue to regulate and involves multiple departments but certain regulations can be made if the government takes a more hands on approach.

One child dying from a preventable injury or sustaining long-term impairments, is one too many. Ultimately this report concludes that central government needs to work together with councils, communities and key organisations to overcome this problem. Sustained awareness, more effective data collection and a long-term regulation plan is the best approach. Government needs to act.