One of the main concerns that has arisen is the lack of co-ordination among organisations and the lack of a formal recording system Due to this inconsistency, statistics are not entirely accurate in portraying the real picture and therefore they are not overly helpful in preventing future occurrences or preventing such tragedies. Collection of appropriate data would enable reliable and accurate recordings and monitoring. Therefore enabling effective intervention and improve the overall safety of children.

 Lack of education and awareness continues to play a vital role in this issue. It continues to repeat itself in the literature and therefore something needs to be done. It has been acknowledged that previous campaigns have touched upon this issue but they have been sporadic and therefore not gained appropriate media or public attention – a more thorough campaign is needed.


The possibility of motion sensors in vehicles remains a controversial issue. Some reports have stated that the motion sensors available did not detect an object or person in enough time to stop any form of injury from occurring.




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