The strength of a democracy rests in an actively engaged electorate but in New Zealand, young people’s engagement with local government especially, is on the decline. However, there is evidence of both a demand from youth for eGovernment use by local government and a corresponding willingness to engage with them if this desire is satiated. This report is crucial in examining the reasons for this disengagement, how e-government can be successfully used to remedy this phenomenon, and the benefits that this engagement will have. Many cities around the world are facing these same issues and have developed comprehensive approaches to using e-government to remedy youth disengagement. Through using comparative institutional analysis to critically examine these systems this report seeks to provide Auckland the opportunity to build on previously disappointing efforts to engage and more successfully deliver a system which meets the stated goals and outcomes of such engagement.

This report was compiled as part of an assessment for an honours programme course in the Politics Department of the University of Auckland. The course, Policy Analysis and Evaluation, required the author to utilise a range of policy analysis tools acquired through studying the course. The topic was chosen at the discretion of the author, with Youth engagement with Politics at all levels something that interested the author greatly.


Shawn Moodie is a student at the University of Auckland, currently tutoring and completing an Honours degree in Political Studies. His research focus is in Political Marketing and New Zealand Government and he is looking to pursue these areas of study at Masters level in 2011.


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