The current youth justice system works well for the majority of offenders; however, there are a group of serious and persistent young offenders who need more intensive assistance. Fresh Start was introduced in 2010 in an attempt to address the growing rate of serious youth crime in New Zealand.

The purpose of this website and the corresponding policy report  is to assess the effectiveness of Fresh Start, especially recent concerns raised about the usefulness of military-style activity camps. Does Fresh Start appropriately address the issues that lead to these young offenders continually committing crime?

 This website contains a snapshot of the full report (found here). For a more complete evaluation of Fresh Start and a list of references, please see the full report.


“Young people need the opportunity to succeed. So many times when you get to know them, you hear stories of how they’ve always been told they’re ‘useless’. They need someone to build them up, help them find their potential and show them there are opportunities out there for them.”