Māori Representation in Auckland Governance

Waitematā Harbour, Auckland

Waitematā Harbour, Auckland

The Risks and Opportunities

The issue of Māori representation in Auckland’s local governance structures is not new.  Since the 1989 repeal of the relevant section of the 1986 Local Government (Amendment) Act (No 2), dedicated Māori representation has not featured in Auckland governance.

Sections of the Local Electoral Act have provided councils that option since 2001.  The government opted not to take up the 2009 Royal Commission on Auckland Governance’s recommendations on dedicated Māori representation for Auckland as part of the latest round of reforms. However, given the relative ease with which a binding poll on the issue can be demanded, this report discusses the opportunities and risks presented by the concept of dedicated Māori representation in the Auckland region.


Risks & Opportunities At A Glance.


As a public policy issue.

Auckland specifically



Other methods.


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