Resource constraints

he first constraint is financial constraint. According to the Decision 90/2008 of Vietnam Prime Minister, the capital reserve for Master Plan of Transportation Development of Hanoi towards 2020 is 287.000 billion VND (or approximately equivalent to 16.2 billion $USD). The source of finance will only come partly from the public budget. Another part may come from Official Development Assistance source and collection fees from the users of public infrastructure.


The second constraint is land for transport infrastructure development. According to the report of Institute of Technology and Science in 2010 – belongs to Ministry of Transportation, the land for transportation is just met the demand of 20% of the total vehicles in Hanoi, excluding the vehicles from others areas nearby Hanoi. Currently, on average, every 1 km road in Hanoi has to carry roughly 120 cars and 700 motorbikes. The situation gets even worse in the 36 classic streets.