Policy recomendation

Basing on the above analysis, the project proposes Hanoi government to apply the Vehicle Free Zone policy at 36 classic streets area to address the traffic congestion issue by the following reasons:

 1. The Vehicle Quota System does not take effect immediately. Moreover, its effect range is to overall Hanoi capital area but not focusing on the 36 classic streets. Nonetheless, it is not suitable with political will and stance of Vietnam government, because the government plan is to make Vietnam economy become an oriented-market economy in 2013.

 2. The Electronic Pricing Model will take affect in the next 4 years. Its requirements are complicated such as: install new technology devices, skill training for officers, entry access must be limited. In addition, the expensive cost of entering central area will be soon balanced by the citizen income improvement.

 3. The Vehicle Free Zone policy can help to correct the weaknesses of other two solutions. Firstly, the effect range of Vehicle Free Zone is just at 36 classic streets. Secondly, its effect is immediate. Thirdly, it can help to enhance the attractiveness of Hanoi capital by creating a green place at its heart and more tourists will eventually visit Hanoi as a whole and 36 classic streets area as particular.  Fourth, the evidence has revealed that the governments, which have applied the car free zone policy, have enjoyed the fruitful outcomes (Topp & Pharoah, 1994) as well as gained highly supported from public (Island, 2005). In addition, it meets the requirements of the mentioned-above harmonized solution.