Why Asia?

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Four Reasons Why Asia Matters to New Zealand


  • Asia is closer to NZ than Europe or the United States is.
  • NZ is committed to increase its role as a member of the Asia-Pacific community, with its integration in APEC and the ASEAN regional framework.


  • Ten of our top 20 export markets are in Asia.
  • NZ exports to Asia in 2008 were worth $14.8 billion NZD.
  • Asia is the fastest growing source of tourists for NZ.
  • Two thirds of our international students come from Asia.


  • Asia represents the world’s largest and fastest growing market, presenting business and employment opportunities for Kiwis.
  • Asia presents endless opportunities for discovery and learning, with its thousands of years of history and cultural diversity.


  • In 2006, 10 per cent of (400,000+) Kiwis were of Asian descent.
  • One in four individuals in Central Auckland are from Asia.
  • Asians are the fastest growing ethnic group in NZ (see projected growth rates below).